Comprehensive Information for Configuring Arlo Baby Camera by Using Home-kitCreated on 2019-06-25 by Camera24x7

All Arlo Baby cameras they are different and not yet connected to an Arlo account can be configured by using Apple HomeKit and with the iOS devices. Currently, if you are using a new Arlo baby safety camera that has not yet been listed in any Arlo account, then get Support Arlo Com , here you will know about the configuration process to install the camera in a working position with the aid of Apple HomeKit and with iOS-based devices.

Steps to configure Arlo Baby Security camera via Apple Homekit & with the iOS device:

● Open the Arlo app in your device. In case, you do not have an Arlo app, then you need to download & install in your device from the apple store.
● When the Arlo application opens in your device, then click on the “new to Arlo” option. If you have already Arlo account, then you need to click on sign in option. Also, you need to write an Arlo log in the login. and by giving the right credentials to open your account.
● Within a few seconds, your Arlo account will load up, then you need to click on “Add Device” option.
● You have to wait until your Arlo account recognized. It may take one to three minutes to find the new baby camera.
● Now, you have to check the LED light of Arlo Baby security camera is blinking amber or not. If the light is not blinking amber, it simply means your baby security camera is already configured.
● Then you need to try configuring your baby camera by scanning the QR code method. If you want to configure your camera by this method, then get Arlo Support , the executives will let you know, you have to click on t “Set up QR Code” option on the bottom of your device screen. Also, you have to follow some instructions.
● After recognizing the Arlo baby camera, you need to click on the next option and select the wire-free network from your available wi-fi list networks. Also, after choosing the wi-fi connection tap on the next option.
● From the available time & zone option, you need to click on the time & zone.
● Also, tap on the continue option.
● Give the name of your Baby camera. Which name you are giving to your security camera should be a combination of alphabets. Also, you should give an easy name which you comfortably pronounce & remember. Do not give the same name of your any Arlo device because the same name can create lead to conflict when you are using Apple’s voice control feature.
● Now tap on continue option.
● Then you will get the pop-up message, then tap on the labeled option yes, & add it now. It will help you to add your baby camera to HomeKit.
● By click on the “Add Home” option, users can select any one option. First existing home and second generate a new home. If you choose the Home option, then tap on the Next.
● You may try to scan the home kit code & by manual typing enter your home kit code.
● Now allocate your camera in the particular room. The existing room available under the Home app can be either or anyone can be made a new one.
● Now, you have to tap on Done option & the Arlo Baby security camera will be registered & listed in the Home app.

So, the above-given process can help you to configure your Arlo Baby camera by using the HomeKit. In case, you got any difficulty while following this method, then you can dial Arlo Tech Support Phone Number . The Netgear certified team will grant you all the essential information in a proficient manner. So, feel free connect with the support team.


You can, of course, be looking for a configuration process to bring it into an operational situation. Here's a comprehensive step-by-step process for setting up a new Arlo Baby security camera by using HomeKit. So to make the configuration process easier, please see the full information here.